2018.05.17 update
Ohshima Lab                                             本文へジャンプ

Our research goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms of neuronal differentiation, brain wiring and functional development of our brain. For this purpose, we analyze the functions of the genes which are involved in the brain development using mice and zebrafish as model animals. We use the results from these studies to develop the novel therapeutic approaches of neuronal regeneration. We further study the molecular mechanisms of higher brain functions such as learning, memory and emotion. These studies will help us to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms of neuropsychiatric disorders and contribute to develop the novel therapeutic methods of these human disorders.


大島 登志男 教授 (医学博士) E-mail: ohshima@waseda.jp
住所: 〒162-8430 東京都新宿区若松町2-2 早稲田大学先端生命医科学センター内
    早稲田大学先進理工学部生命医科学科 大島研究室
TEL: 03-5369-7321 FAX: 03-5369-7302