General outline of Major in Bioscience

  It is no exaggeration to say that the twenty-first century is quickly becoming a century of life sciences and medical biosciences. Positioning molecular biology and biotechnology at the heart of its technology disciplines, the Bioscience Major aims to explore the principles behind vital phenomena that are not yet fully understood, to elucidate various pathologies, and to develop new resources and technologies that will contribute to medical practice. In order to pursue such cutting-edge science, it is necessary to forge new research fields that integrate various foundational fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, engineering, and information science. Therefore, the first characteristic of this Major’s curriculum is the provision of a solid grounding in the fundamentals of all these disciplines. Having covered the fundamentals, students will then take Group C courses in their second and third years. The prime focus here will be on the required course Molecular Cell Biology A/B, but students will also take required elective courses covering a range of disciplines.

 Another characteristic of this Major is the focus on practical study. There will be mandatory laboratory sessions, not only among the foundational courses of Group B, but also among the Group C courses. Specifically, these laboratory courses will include Laboratory for Advanced Science and Engineering A/B and Chemistry and Bioscience Laboratory, which will cover experimental techniques across the full spectrum of physical, chemical, and biological sciences. In Fundamental Bioscience Laboratory and Advanced Bioscience Laboratory, students will master the fundamentals related to the research they will later pursue as part of their final research project (graduation thesis), including bioscience experimental techniques and research perspectives and strategies.

早稲田大学先進理工学部 英語学位プログラム

  21世紀は生命と医療の世紀と言っても過言ではない。 Bioscience Majorでは、分子生物学と生命工学を技術基盤として、未だ解明されていない生命現象の原理を追究し、さらにさまざまな病態の解明や、医療に貢献する新 しい材料・技術の開発を目指す。このような先端科学を目指すためには、物理学・化学・生物学・医学・工学・情報科学などの基礎分野を融合させた新しい研究 分野を切り開いていく必要がある。したがって、当Majorの学部カリキュラムの第一の特徴は、これらの諸分野をあまねく基礎から学習することにある。そ のうえで、専門性を高めるC群科目として、必修科目Molecular Cell Biology A/Bを軸にして, 2・3年時には各分野の多様な選択必修科目を履修する。

 我々のMajorのもう一つの特徴は、実験科目を重要視している点である。基礎となるB群科目のみならずC群科目でも多数の実験科目を必修としている。 すなわち、Laboratory for Advanced Science and Engineering A/B、Chemistry and Bioscience Laboratoryにおいて物理学・化学・生物学全般の実験技法を習得するとともに、Fundamental Bioscience Laboratory、Advanced Bioscience Laboratoryにおいては、将来自分たちがすすめる研究の礎となる生命科学の実験手法と研究の考え方・進め方を習得する。